ZERO Waste Program

Everything We Do Comes Down to Absolutely ZERO Waste

This is accomplished through a complete biodegradable system known as the Zero Waste System. We solve all the problems of improper usage, improper storage, and improper disposal of toxic chemicals, especially oil. It's an innovative approach where all packaging, all products, and practically all materials within the products will completely biodegrade in a manner that's consistent with consumer habits. True bio-degradation has to be accomplished in anaerobic (no oxygen, no light) environments (i.e. landfills) to be in congruence with human habits of throwing items away.

The basis of our biodegradable system is our specialty resins and chemical compositions. The majority of our technologies, products, and support materials, such as bags, bottles, adhesive, etc., contain these resins that will allow each item complete biodegradation once discarded into a landfill environment.

Zero Waste System Description

Creation of more hazardous waste and proliferation of hazardous waste disposal by consumers and industry are the primary pollution source for degradation of water and land resources. One solution for this problem is to capture the hazardous material with our foams and convert it to non-hazardous waste using our 97% bio-based Waste Eliminator™. Once converted the waste is disposed in regular trash and will biodegrade in months. The entire system of products, packaging, and recovered waste will biodegrade and completely disappear from the waste stream as a complete Zero Waste System. This approach is consistent with consumer and industrial habits and resolves the waste and recycling challenges as well as removes hazardous waste from the environment. The system also allows for a Waste Oil To Energy™ (W.O.T.E.) conversion where waste is converted and burned for fuel reuse.  [This system is proven and tested by MSU and USDA.]

Biodegration of Toxic Oil Waste

Beyond the biodegradation of all the materials and products used in our system, all of the recovered chemical waste will be converted to non-hazardous waste and will completely biodegrade when thrown away.

How We're Different than Others in our Category

When it comes to hazardous spills and leaks such as oil, current competitive products simply achieve moving contamination from one place to another. Our system allows for the mitigation of all future contamination risks by completely eliminating it, recycling it, and/or recovering it as burnable fuel. We are giving this technology to industry as well as the average individuals, allowing them to create a sustainable future for themselves and their surrounding community. 

How it Works

Our hazardous waste biodegradation technology contains a high level of micro-organisms that break down petroleum hydrocarbons in particular. The micro-organisms turn the hydrocarbons into non-toxic compounds.

An example of how this works in one of our base technologies is observed when bacteria uses the starches stored in recycled wood fibers as a starter food source which begin multiplying when moisture content and temperature allow. Enzymes produced by the bacteria will cause the petroleum hydrocarbons to break down into non-toxic compounds. This process usually takes about twelve weeks. 

Test Results

In a nine week study, our 97% bio-based Waste Eliminator Bio-DE, was evaluated for its ability to stimulate the degradation of petroleum products in used motor oil and hydraulic fluid.

Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) levels in the motor oil samples decreased by 75% over the nine week test period, while hydraulic fluid decreased by 67% as shown in the chart below. The starting concentration of motor oil was greater than the starting concentration of hydraulic fluid. Bacteria counts yielded exponential growth throughout the nine week test. Levels for bacteria acclimated to TPH also grew exponentially in all sample sets throughout the nine week test. The exponential growth of the bacteria acclimated to TPH present in Waste Eliminator Bio-DE was the main source of degradation for the petroleum hydrocarbon.

ZeroWaste Solutions (Retail and Industrial)

Demonstration of How Waste Turns into Burnable Fuel


Ultimate Benefits

The global benefits of our system go beyond our industry and individual benefits of getting rid of the waste. The bio-degradation of waste in the landfill produces methane gas which in turn can be captured and re-harvested for energy creation. This process is an increasing global strategy. Our bio-degradation system enhances this process through optimal bio-degradation timing of two years for most products and material waste. Below is an example from Waste Management on how this process works. Go to their website for more understanding on bioreactor landfills.

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