We're simply known as Sustainable!

Our Industry Brand Promise

Our Sustainable Environmental Solutions

  • Protects Operations by eliminating future risk of lawsuits or further contamination
  • Protects Profits by reducing costs between 30%-42% off competitor's pricing.
  • Protects Brands by building Brand Equity. Become a corporate member of our Sustainable Lifestyle Education Centers- SLEC to support education and grassroots programming Also use of our Sustainable Solutions alert customers, investors, and employees that your company is using the most environmentally responsible systems and products for maintenance and response.

Competitive Advantage Cost Example

  • Per 100 gallon spill your cost is $228-$478 compared to most competitors' cost of $752-$852.

Oil Spill Solutions

  • Dispersing oil with our EPA National Contingency Plan-listed, most effective and less toxic dispersant--Saf-Ron Gold Dispersant™
  • Completely removing oil and sheen from water and land with hydrocarbon recovery foams--ReAbsorbent™
  • Recapturing oil resources for recycling and reuse through ReAbsorbent™
  • Recapturing energy resource through conversion of  Waste Oil To Energy (W.O.T.E.)
  • Mitigating future risks of recovered oils by conversion into biodegradable non-hazardous solidified waste--Waste Eliminator™ 
  • Remediating contaminated areas through LA/FL State approved onsite non-hazardous chemical application--Gold Enviro Remediantand more

Solution Benefits

1. Each technology will completely remove oil and sheen from the environment.

2. Mitigates future risk of contamination from hazardous waste.

3. Does NOT create additional hazardous waste through contaminated response materials.

4. Reduced costs and greatest efficiency through reusability 25 times and NO hazardous waste disposal or costs.

5. Complete environmental, social, and economic sustainability, and zero waste.

Technologies Summary

  • All proven to be not hazardous to humans, environment, animals, and marine life.
  • Liquid chemistries have multiple country (USA, Singapore), federal (EPA, USDA), and state (LA, FL) approvals.
  • Test results are independently proven for every technology.
  • All technologies are produced in a sustainable process and sourced from non-hazardous or bio-content material.

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