"Green" represents the movement begun in the 90's of "green" products.

                                   We are claiming "RED" as the color of Sustainable. It's about power to make a future not to have a let                                       a future happen to you. Red represents love. Red represents Passion.

Sustainable Corp is a sustainable brand, company, and movement known for innovation, quality, and sustainability. The Sustainable Brands consist of several companies and sub-brands all under the Sustainable master brand.

The Sustainable Corporate Network three core brands


    -  premium consumer brands (SLB)


   -  luxurious consumer brands (SXB)


   -  durable industrial brands (SIB)

- SLB   sustainable quality solutions for everyday life with "Sustainable Inside" technologies


- SXB   highest luxury quality of superior materials and exquisite design with "Sustainable Inside" technologies


- SIB    enhanced brand value by achieving 5 Business Pillars elements with "Sustainable Inside" technologies

We created Sustainable inside™ for recognition of products and solutions made with leading edge sustainable supplies that out perform traditional products. Consumers and companies can now rely on Sustainable to provide solutions to ultimately affect societal, economic, and environmental needs while solving everyday living needs.

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