Solutions and Technologies Overview


Sustainable Environmental Solutions™ (SES):

  • Zero Oil Waste – complete non-hazardous biodegradable recovery and waste system  

  • Waste Oil To Energy™ (W.O.T.E.) – recapture energy resource with waste conversion 

  • Waste Eliminator CHOICE™ (W.E.C.) – prevent, minimize, reuse, recycle, biodegrade disposal

  • Sustainable Green Earth – Home Spill Kits, DIY Maintenance Kits & Spill Solution Centers 

  • Sustainable Blue Waters – Boater/Industrial Spill/Maintenance Kits and Emergency Response 

  • Sustainable GreenShop™ – Zero Waste Spill/ Maintenance Kits & Spill Solution Centers

  • Soil/Water Remediant Series – Non-hazardous onsite/institu Contamination Remediation and/or microbial Bio-remediation; powders and liquids – to restore the environment

  • Spill Solution Centers – combines ReAbsorbent and Waste Eliminator systems into a self contained ‘center’ that provides leak protection, spill recovery, and hazardous waste conversion and either onsite BioDegradation or collection for energy recapture or non-hazardous disposal and income generation


Sustainable Environmental Technologies™ (SET):

  • Saf-Ron Gold Dispersant – (US EPA NCP Listed and Singapore Maritime Authority Listed) Non-hazardous to people, animals, and environment
  • ReAbsorbent– Hydrocarbon Recovery Foams – attracts oil and rejects water; reusable material; Completely removes oil and sheen from water or any surface
  • Waste Eliminator Bio-Degrader– converts chemical waste to non-hazardous waste disposal and bioremediates in 5 months – 97% Bio-based
  • Waste Eliminator Bio-Remediant –  Reusable Bio-Degrader/Bio-Remediant oil waste onsite in a matter of hours with our System
  • Gold Enviro Remediant– Cleanse water/soil with non-hazardous Liquid Remedial Agent–degrades hazardous organics in water or soil onsite without microbes
  • GreenEarth Soil Surface Bio-Remediant  – Powder soil Microbial Bio-Remediant
  • GreenEarth BlueWaters  Concentrated Bio-Remediant – Liquid water Microbial Bio-Remediant
  • GreenEarth PROFESSIONAL General Bio-Remediant™ – bio-remediates soil and ground water hydrocarbon contamination
  • BlueWaters PROFESSIONAL In-situ Water Bio-Remediant – for in-situ bio-remediation of hydrocarbon contaminated oily water, groundwater plumes & industrial wastewater, ponds and lagoons
  • GreenEarth PROFESSIONAL Grade Soil Bio-Remediant™  in-situ and ex-situ bioremediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soil, specifically to degrade light and heavy oil fractions
  • BlueWaters Floating Oil Bio-Remediant™ –floating absorbent designed to absorb and control hydrocarbons on water; repels water and holds only the hydrocarbon it absorbs

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