Sustainable Corporate Network

The Sustainable Corporate Network™ (SCN) consists of an internal collaboration of sustainable corporations with the mandate to provide Sustainable Environmental Solutions(SES) by creating and acquiring Sustainable Environmental Technologies(SET). SCN also has a Sustainable Service Network (SSN) that operates a Sustainable Production Network (SPN) of large US manufacturers for the production of our Brands, Technologies and Solutions. The SSN also coordinates a Sustainable Distribution Network (SDN) for large Retailers, Distributors, and Distributor Networks for domestic and international sales into consumer, industrial, and commercial markets.

Coordinates Production & Distribution: Internal

All products and supplies are 100% US made. Production capacity exceeds millions of products per month. Sustainable Corporate Network has created an operations strategy called the Sustainable Operations Excellence System™ (SOES) which controls and coordinates the supply system--Sustaniable Production Network (SPN), and a demand system--Sustainable Distribution Network (SDN). Sustainable has also created a special computer system known as SOMS™, the Sustainable Online Management System™ that controls, coordinates, and optimizes the entire Sustainable Network. SOMS allows the ultimate outsource and collaboration between multiple manufacturers, multiple retailers and distributors, multiple products with a sustainability index that optimizes sustainable operations to meet the world needs for reduced green house gases, reduced material waste, and reduced contamination. The new version of SOMS is built on SAP systems.

Commercializes Other Companies Technologies: External

SCN is THE commercialization resource of small and medium sized enterprises (SME), entrepreneurs and inventors. We change the reality that only 3% of patents get commercialized and 1% generate real revenue. SCN partners with them to scale and bring to market existing products, as well as new developments, to create new uses, revenues, and jobs by utilizing our systems, experience, executives, and partners for production and distribution. The result is a Sustainable System of commercialization with a Sustainable Lifestyle Brand to back it for decades to come. SCN can integrate multiple technology and product lines into our systems.   

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