Sustainable Corp's chief executive team has more than 100 years of successful entrepreneurial business ownership and corporate management experience. The team has worked on projects and companies valued in the $100's millions. The strength in the team is their individual expertise, proven track records of achievement, and abilities to independently run corporations.

All corporate executives believe in and embody the "Sustainable Corporate Personal Values" of: 

Integrity.  Commitment.  Accountability.  Initiative.  Diligence. Determination.  Intellect.  Creative Innovation. Passion for Achievement. 

Meet Corporate

Bruce - Chief  Executive Ofc.  (CEO)

20 years

Environmental Technology Development

Sustainable Corporate Operations

Strategic partnerships

Mark - Chief Operations Ofc.  (COO)

35 years

Operations Management

Asset Management

Facilities Management

Denise - Chief Strategy & Development Ofc.  (CSO)

25 years

Corporate Development

Leadership Development (PhD)

Customer/Sales Development

Mike - Chief Supply Chain Ofc. & Global IT  (CSCO)

25 years

Global Supply Chain

Global IT

Operations Management


Extended Corporate Team

Sustainable Corp's core team has more than 200 years of successful entrepreneurial business ownership and corporate management experience. 

Statement of Passion from the CEO

"We have been immovably stubborn and persistent in our passionate pursuit to provide the world community with a sustainable environment and a sustainable business and operations model that will allow for consistent environmental technology innovations for hazardous chemical elimination, post consumer waste reduction, and implementation of renewable energy systems.  This passion has produced innovative, game-changing Sustainable Environmental Technologies (SET), Sustainable Environmental Solutions (SES), strategic partnership networks, and an entire strategic system that give the world community a great opportunity to CREATE a sustainable future."   

- Bruce Richards

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