Normal everyday trash is a major problem that threatens our environment We live in a chemical society full of items we discard daily.  This 'trash' fills up landfills and contaminates our soil and water resources.  Most of these items, especially plastics, will almost never degrade over time.

Imagine Absolutely ZERO Waste

It's possible with Sustainable Lifestyle Brands' biodegradable products and packaging materials.  We've taken care to make sure that everything we create disappears in a landfill environment--our products, our packaging, and even the little things like the adhesives we use.  Our competition is mostly centered around "oxo-biodegradable" plastics which begin deteriorating on the shelf being exposed to oxygen, and biodegration halts in the landfill because of its lack of oxygen.  Our way of biodegration is the only smart way: biodegration in an anaerobic environment.

Helping Other Companies Biodegrade their Packaging

Demand more responsible packaging from the companies you love and patron.  This helps lead to a sustainable lifestyle for all of us.  Look for Sustainable Lifestyle Brands in other product brands to help eliminate solid waste.

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