Sustainable Lifestyle Brands™

Sustainable Lifestyle Brands empower individuals to rid contaminates out of their personal environments while eliminating waste in the most responsible and safe way by use of our Sustainable Environmental Solutions.

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Sustainable Environmental Solutions™ (SES)

Zero Oil Waste
A complete non-hazardous biodegradable recovery and waste system.

Waste Oil To Energy™ (W.O.T.E.)
A system which recaptures energy resources with waste conversion. 

Waste Eliminator CHOICE™ (W.E.C.) 
Prevent, minimize, reuse, recycle, and biodegrades disposal.

Household Hazardous Waste Solutions

Examples of problems in the home environment and how to individuals can use our products and solutions to remedy the situation.



1. Leaks or spills from vehicles.

2. Leaks or spills from equipment.

3. Leaks/spills from containers, cans, and bottles.

4. Oiled workbench.

5. Boaters spill fluids during maintenance of boats.



1. ReAbsorbent foam pads contain all fluids.

2. Foams contain fluids for non-hazardous disposal.

3. ReAbsorbent workbench pad to absorb fluids.

4. Foam on a handle versus using oily rags.

5. We offer boater maintenance and spill kits that will contain and dispose of contaminated fluids.


Sustainable Green Earth 

Includes Home Spill Kits, DIY Maintenance Kits, and Spill Solution Centers.


Sustainable Blue Waters 

Includes Boater Spill/Maintenance Kits and POP Displays.

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