The following technologies are the core technologies for the ZeroWaste System and Waste Eliminator CHOICE™.

Hydrocarbon Recovery Foam Technology

ReAbsorbent Hydrocarbon Recovery Foams attract hydrocarbons/oils into the body of the foam without manipulation while rejecting water absorption. The foam can be left in the environment fully saturated without leaking oil or sinking. Oil will fully release from foam once wrung out. Material can be redeployed approximately 30 times in any shape or form by anyone then disposed as non-hazardous waste.

It is a customizable flexible foam material technology that is great for oil spills/leak prevention, protection, and response solutions that provide for reuse and recycling of recovered oils.

Example of the Re-Absorbent Foam in Action to Clean a Backshop Spill


Historical Product Perspective

One of our primary technologies is the ReAbsorbent. These foams are an update in technological advancement in production and formulation but retain the same superior performance as its predecessor, the Elephant Sponge, that was proven to outperform all competitive products. Below is an original videos of our working foam technology.

Foam Demonstration


Waste Elimination Technologies

Waste Eliminator Bio-Degrader™ is a 97% bio-based waste converter produced from recycled products, vegetable material, and special non-hazardous formulation. Waste Eliminator-Deg encapsulates hazardous materials or chemicals and recaptures the energy burnable at 8600 btus. Eliminator-Deg is produced from a USDA BioPreferred base product.  

If disposed of Eliminator-Deg will biodegrade the encapsulated waste. Total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) analysis showed that there was a 75% degradation of the motor oil and 67% degradation of the hydraulic fluid after 9 weeks.  Independent test conducted by Mississippi State University. [Waste Eliminator-Deg has been tested by USDA using the ASTM method D 6686 to report a 97% bio-based content with a USDA BioPreferred Product listing.]

Waste Eliminator Bio-Remediant™ –  Reusable Bio-Remediant degrades oil waste onsite in a matter of hours with our System. The high absorbency of this technology allows for ultimate absorption of oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, kerosene, etc. and then literally “eat” the contamination with its bio-remedial properties. It will completely absorb on contact and will not leach. Contaminated surfaces will be eliminated of contamination, completely dry, and skid resistant. As an added benefit there is a significant reduction of hydrocarbon odor. Because of the pharmaceutical grade of this absorbent and the harmless microbes that are used, Eliminator-Rem can be used in most commercial and industrial environments including food processing and packaging areas.

Renewable Energy Hydrogen Systems

The Solution to:

Environmental impacts of producing electricity

  • Climate change impacts (GHG "Green House Gases", CO2 "Carbon Dioxide)
  • Air pollution impacts (Sulfur Dioxide, Nitrogen Oxide, Mercury, GHG, CO2 and a list of other contaminants)
  • Water impacts  (water usage and pollution)
  • Land impacts (degradation and pollution)
  • And more...

Renewable energy as the best option for electricity production with two primary issues
  • Capturing it

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