Welcome to Sustainable Lifestyle Brands!

This Sustainable Lifestyle and movement go beyond "tree huggers" and encompasses the world community.  Life no longer is a question of, “Do we think green is cool?” We have to move beyond “green” and into sustainable lifestyles because our reality now is contaminated water, land, and air, food shortages, lack of clean energy, fuel, and more.  So, we believe in stopping all the chatter and analysis and empower individuals and industry to create a sustainable future for themselves and the world community. 

Sustainable Lifestyle Brands "empower individuals and industry to create a sustainable future"™ through non-hazardous, bio-based, reusable, and completely biodegradable Sustainable Environmental Solutions™ that eliminate household hazardous waste and industrial contamination/oil spills, also providing disaster preparation/recovery renewable energy systems, and post consumer waste elimination by biodegration of packaging, plastics, and more.


Our Sustainable Lifestyle Brands promise empowered protection for the individual and for industry.



Protection of:

1. Family 

2. Property 

3. Environment

The family, property, and environment are protected through contamination elimination, disaster energy recovery systems, and solid waste elimination.



Protection of:

1. Operations

2. Profits

3. Brands 

Profits are protected through cost reduction; Operations are protected through risk mitigation; Brands are protected through building brand equity (How??? By using our Sustainable Environmental Solutions and participation in Sustainable Lifestyle Education Centers)

Statement of Passion from the CEO

"We have been immovably stubborn and persistent in our passionate pursuit to provide the world community with a sustainable environment and a sustainable business and operations model that will allow for consistent environmental technology innovations for hazardous chemical elimination, post consumer waste reduction, and implementation of renewable energy systems for disaster relief.  This passion has produced innovative, game-changing Sustainable Environmental Technologies (SET), Sustainable Environmental Solutions (SES), strategic partnership networks, and an entire strategic system that give the world community a great opportunity to obtain a sustainable lifestyle into the future."   

- Bruce Richards

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